About Anchor of Hope TEC

Feel like your faith has lost meaning? TEC can put things back into perspective.

Asking yourself, “Where am I going in life?” TEC can help give you direction.

Seem like you’re all alone in your faith? TEC welcomes you into community.

Together Encountering Christ

As followers of Christ, many teens and young adults are seeking more than just a weekly Faith Formation class, weekly meal, and Sunday Mass. They yearn to deepen their faith. Anchor of Hope TEC (Together Encountering Christ) is a Green Bay, Wisconsin-based discipleship program. TEC is specifically designed for older teens and young adults who seek a closer encounter with Christ within a community of Catholic believers. The TEC spiritual experience begins with a three-day retreat and continues with active participation in the TEC community. Individuals who participated in a TEC retreat then serve as retreat leaders.

Teens Encounter Christ

TEC is an international Catholic spirituality movement that has been around for 60 years. In 1965, a young priest in the Diocese of Lansing, Michigan, sought to create a place where high school seniors could encounter Christ and a living community of faith. His idea sparked a movement called Teens Encounter Christ (TEC). As TEC evolved into a discipleship program for teens, young adults, and adults, the acronym evolved, also. Together Encountering Christ replaced Teens Encounter Christ in 2022 for Anchor of Hope in Green Bay. Together Encountering Christ better represents TEC’s outreach to all ages, TEC’s community of believers, and TEC’s powerful retreat experience of encountering Christ.

Together Encountering Christ: A group of young adults and leaders at a TEC retreat

Anchor of Hope, Green Bay WI

The Green Bay TEC community, Anchor of Hope, formed in the 1980s in the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay. The volunteer-led, 501c3 Catholic-based organization has helped hundreds of teens, young adults, and adults grow in discipleship. The anchor symbolizes Green Bay’s maritime history and its location on an arm of Lake Michigan. As an anchor of hope, the Green Bay TEC community is rooted in the Catholic faith to steady others on life’s journey to love God more fully. Anchor of Hope follows curriculum developed by the national TEC Conference.