Testimonials for Teens Encounter Christ (TEC)

“When I arrived home from TEC, I said to myself that I have never been as balanced as I am now It strengthened my faith so much that I can’t tell. We had a lot of retreats before, but this retreat was definitely something else, something unusual and unaccountable. I hope I’ll never forget it and I also hope it will change my faith for the rest of my life not just for a short period. I’m praying for not to forget this experience ever.”

Zsanett P.

“TEC stands for Teens Encounter Christ and I believe these retreats could not have a better name; because this is truly what you do. Throughout our busy lives God can be forgotten, but with the help of my TEC experience, He is seen again. Not only do you experience Him there, but you are also taught how to feel Him in your everyday life. I would like to thank all who kept my TEC experience in their prayers. Also, I strongly encourage any young adults or adults to take part in TEC.

Not only is TEC a great experience to become closer with God, but also you are united with others who feel strongly in their Christian life. In the three days of TEC, you are swept off your feet with the many moving experiences. Without TEC, I know I would not feel God as strongly as I do in my everyday life.”

Calsey C.

“TEC is an amazing ministry! My experiences both as a TECite and as a wheatie were ones that I’ll never forget! I’ve been on many retreats before, but TEC really touched my heart in a way that many of the others hadn’t”

Maria N.

“This retreat was very influential to my own journey of faith because it was there that I had my conversion. TEC has much to do with who I am today. It is indescribable to me how that three-day experience moved me to undergo so complete a change. I went from having little interest in Christ and His Church to wanting to devote my whole life to these very interests one year later.”

Ryan S.

“Please go out and spread the news of this amazing experience. Show how it has affected you. If it hasn’t yet, don’t worry, it will. It took me ten months before I really began to experience the power TEC had over me. I gained a new family that I know will always be there for me.”

John T.

“TEC weekends are a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, come to know yourself better, and meet Christ in a whole new way. Be not afraid!”

Brian R.