Winter bowling 2021

We will be having a TEC bowling get together on Saturday February 13th at “Super Bowl Family Entertainment” in Appleton! Meeting time is for 2pm but feel free to stop by whenever.

Super Bowl Family Entertainment Center

2222 E Northland Ave, Appleton WI 54911 920-739-9503

40th Anniversary Gathering

TEC’s 40th Anniversary on Sunday, November 4th was a blast!  Approximately 80 members of the TEC community came out to celebrate our 40th Anniversary with Mass, great food, lots of fellowship…and even the TEC song!!  Thank you to all that helped to make this event such a success!!

There is only one type of person God has used powerfully throughout history. He does incredible things with people who make themselves available to him. For 40 years God has been using ordinary people to do extraordinary things through Anchor of Hope TEC.   The journey has been different for everyone, but the mission has always been the same. We all come to see Christ’s mystery relived in our own daily life cycle of struggles, joys, and triumphs as we move forward to the fullness of life with the Triune God.